My 10 confident reds.


I’ve really missed writing blog posts for you guys. 

Wishing you all a very happy new year.

Today’s inspo was RED LIPTICKS. ALL. OF. THEM.

In case you’re not comfortable when wearing bold red lips, confused concerning the choice of brand and wondering about the final look,and NOT wanting to smudge it, which will ruin your whole look, I’ve got you covered: will tell you about my personal favourite red picks and recommendations, making it easier for you to dare and wear red whenever desired.

After all, with every red lipstick it’s occasion. Red lips are both classic and classy, and never out of style. No wonder there’s something so divine about women rocking red lips. 

Not to forget that red lips are attention grabbers, and attract compliments, which will eventually boost your self-esteem.

Eeennnough with the talking for now.

I personally never apply any lipstick, red or not – liquid or not – without a lipliner. The lipliner doesn’t have to be red, nor match your lipstick colour, since that you’ll only use it to define, contour your lips, to prevent colour bleeding and smudging and to enhance your lip features.

1- STUNNA Lip Paint

Surprisingly, I wasn’t expecting this liquid lipstick to be that unique and that addicting, been using it a lot lately. Red is already kinda hard to apply, thought that a red liquid lipstick would make it harder, but with the easy-to-use applicator, and it’s 12-hours lasting formula, it really is easy to apply on & stays all day long, even when eating. Perks of having it on : your lips will stay the same, your lipstick won’t smudge nor stains around your lips AND touchups aren’t needed at all, not even on the inner lower lip. Not to forget about how super white it’ll make your teeth look.

2- LANI by GIGI Hadid x Maybelline

Not liquid, this  matte lipstick lasts for hours, doesn’t smudge when spraying setting spray, at the end of your makeup application.

It’s well pigmented so you get what you expect when you apply it. Few touchups needed during the day.

3- Chanel 36 – Lune Rousse

Considered burgundy on light skin like mine, the more layers you apply the stronger, more intense, and darker the colour. I usually dab it when dark colour isn’t desired. However, it has a light formula, kind of greasy, but moisturising. Not too dark for daytime, yet dark enough to look pulled together and mysterious.  

4 & 5- MAC – Sparks Of Romance & MAC – Diva

Diva on the left, Sparks Of Romance of the right.

A limited edition matte lipstick, with a frost finish – with barely showing gold shimmer. Wears well, slightly dries the lips, and touchups are needed. Full colour coverage.

MAC – Diva

Deep burgundy-red, with a matte finish. Light texture, kind of creamy, but doesn’t slide around over time, so touchups are needed since that it refuses to stay on the inner part of my lower lip. 

6- L’Oreal – Red Passion

Bright red, not for a weakhearted – a daring red that is worth the try. It brightens up the face instantly after it’s application, especially in the case of minimal, simple makeup application. It has a bit of shimmer that barely shows.

7- Colourpop x Alexis Ren – Little Weapon

Super matte, transfer-proof, a true orange red. Lightweighted formula, very smooth on the lips & intense pigment, for the bold, matte look. This lipstick is considered long-lasting and 100% kiss proof lol – it doesn’t transfer at. all, even when eating. This unique shade of read leans a bit towards neon, making your teeth look super white, no matter your skin tone.

8- Diego Della Palma – 169

Matte, long-lasting dark brownish-red. Just like ‘Lune Rousse’, I apply it by dabbing it when looking for a minimal dark-red lips look. Touchups are needed for the inner part of the lower lip during the day.

9- Yves Saint Laurent – Rouge Pur Couture – Vernis A Levres : 32- Rouge Avant-Guardiste

Glossy, tomato-red shade, does transfer, and wears-off after eating or drinking, so touchups are needed. If you’re someone that enjoys wearing several shades of red regularly, or on a daily basis, then you’ ll love this one.

10- Nars – Starwoman

Matte, liquid, medium-dark red, super pigmented, defines the lips perfectly,  covers the lips with only one layer. Not drying, but touchups are needed during the day, just as previously mentioned, for the inner part of the lower lip. – the one I have is in travel size –

These are my top 10 #TBHJOApproved ! Hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope it was beneficial. Let me know your favourite(s)red below!

Thanks for reading & stay tuned for more soon! Xo